Movie screenings IX SIFFA 2021

Vysotsky. Unknown pages. The first film "Odessa notebook"

Genre: docudrama

Running time: 70 minutes

Country: Russia, USA, France, Ukraine

Director: Anatoly Balchev, Nikolay Golovikhin

Producer: Mark Ivasilevich, Staffan Arenberg

Operator: Nikolay Golovikhin, Oleg Kalyan

Cast: in addition to Vysotsky’s relatives: his first wife Lyudmila Abramova, his son Nikita, Marina Vlady, Vadim Tumanov, Mikhail Shemyakin, Vsevolod Abdulov, Alexei Shturmin, the film contains memories of people who in different situations came into contact with him in the theater, at concerts , on the set.

The basis of the film about Vladimir Vysotsky is his life, work, creativity in the city of Odessa.
At the Odessa Film Studio, he played the first leading roles in cinema and, most importantly, for the first time sang from the screen with his characteristic hoarse voice, which by that time had already been replicated on tape cassettes throughout the country. The Odessa period is one of the key milestones in the life and work of the poet. Here he not only revealed himself as a film artist, but also declared himself as a poet, composer, having written dozens of songs for films of the Odessa Film Studio, for films that were included in the golden fund of national cinema, became classics.