Movie screenings IX SIFFA 2021

Shukhov. The last hero of the Russian Renaissance

Genre: Documentary

Running time: 53 minutes

Director: Anatoly Balchev

Screenplay: Anatoly Balchev

Producers: Anatoly Balchev, Leonid Shtern, Mark Ivasilevich

Operator: Vladimir Polyansky

Engineer Shukhov, already a talented young scientist, leaves for the USA. At the exhibition, he meets Alexander Bari. Bari founds his construction office and plant in Moscow, inviting V.G. Shukhov to the post of chief designer and chief engineer. In the same year V.G. Shukhov for the first time in the world carried out industrial flare combustion of liquid fuel. Construction in 1919-1922 tower for the radio station on Shabolovka in Moscow is the most famous work of V.G. Shukhov.