Movie screenings IX SIFFA 2021

Passenger from San Francisco

Genre: thriller, romance

Running time: 118 minutes

Country: Russia, USA

Director: Anatoly Balchev

Screenplay: Anatoly Balchev, Dmitry Vinogradov

Producer: Vadim Kardonov, Anatoly Balchev

Operator: Yuri Garmash, Sergey Astakhov, Yuri Mikhailishin

Composer: Anatoly Balchev

The story of the difficult fate of a former Soviet intelligence officer who was sent back in the 80s by special services to “forced” emigration. In the 90s, due to the state changes in Russia, the hero tries to get out of the maze of the most difficult problems on his own, not expecting that he can be supported. His paths intersect with the Russian and American special services for the fight against the drug mafia, drug dealers, as well as with an attractive customs officer Natasha, who suddenly has feelings for him. Natasha has to guess who the mysterious character Phil Makovsky is …