Movie screenings IX SIFFA 2021


Genre: Drama

Running time: 108 minutes

Country Russia

Director: Vladimir Khotinenko

Script: Valery Zalotukha

Producer: Vladimir Khotinenko, Vladimir Repnikov

Operator: Alexey Rodionov

Composer: Alexander Pantykin

Artist: Alexander Popov, Regina Chomskaya

Cast: Evgeny Mironov, Alexander Baluev, Nina Usatova, Ivan Agafonov, Ivan Bortnik, Vladimir Bukharev, Evdokia Germanova, Vladimir Ilyin, Leonid Okunev, Alexander Peskov

Private Nikolai Ivanov was held captive by the Mujahideen for 7 years. When they were leading him to shoot, a peasant passing by bought Nicholas, and he replaced his murdered son. The guy returned to his native village as a Muslim in the best sense of the word. But he did not meet understanding among his fellow villagers and relatives. On the contrary, many perceived it with hostility.