November 5 - 10 2021

Screening timed to the
200th anniversary of the birth of F.M. Dostoevsky

Director: Vladimir Khotinenko

Screenplay: Natalia Nazarova, Vladimir Khotinenko

Producers: Sergey Melkumov, Ekaterina Efanova, Alexander Rodnyansky, Anton Zlatopolsky

DOP: Denis Alarcon-Ramirez
Composer: Alexey Aigi
Set designer: Vladimir Gudilin

Сast: Maxim Matveev, Anton Shagin, Sergei Makovetsky, Maria Lugovaya, Nadezhda Markina, Maria Shalaeva, Evgeny Tkachuk, Igor Kostolevsky, Boris Kamorzin, Alexander Galibin, Yuri Pogrebnichko, Anastasia Imamova and others.

Country: Russia

Production: Non-Stop Production

Year: 2014

Running time: 180 min.

At the end of the 19th century, a series of mysterious murders take place in the small provincial city of N. Investigator Goremykin arrives at the crime scene from the capital. His search for the murderer leads him to an unexpected conclusion — there is a circle of revolutionaries in the city. Among its members are two young people who had recently returned to the city: Nikolai Stavrogin, a mysterious and romantic person and the subject of rumors that the city is teeming with, and Peter Verkhovensky. In the course of the investigation it becomes clear that many influential people are involved in the crimes.

9th November
from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (UTC +3)

Director: Natalya Bondarchuk

The openning ceremony

The closing ceremony

Sochi Music Festival
Melodies of the Caucasian Riviera

The opening ceremony

The closing ceremony

8th november 8:00 PM (UTC+3)

Concert evening dedicated
to the Memory of Vladimir Menshov

8th november 10:00 PM (UTC+3)

Concert evening of Katya Semenova


9 MAY 2021

Screening are timed to

The Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War


(On The Rivers of Babilon)

Year: 2009

Age limit: 16+

Running time: 124 minutes

Country: :Russia

Director: Vladimir Khotinenko

Screenplay: Vladimir Khotinenko, Alexander Segen

Producer: Vera Malysheva, Natalia Gostiushina, Sergey Kravets

Operator: Ilya Demin

Composer: Alexey Rybnikov

Editing: Maxim Polinsky

Starring: Sergei Makovetsky, Nina Usatova, Elizaveta Arzamasova, Kirill Pletnev, Yuri Tsurilo, Anatoly Lobotsky, Victoria Romanenko, Stepan Morozov, Gennady Garbuk, Alexander Doronin

The Pskov Orthodox Mission is one of the least studied pages in the history of the Great Patriotic War. From August 1941 to February 1944, missionary priests from the Baltic States revived church life in the German-occupied territories of northwestern Russia. After the occupation of these areas by Soviet troops, the members of the Pskov mission were sent to the camps.

12 april 2021

Screening are timed to

International Day of Huaman Space Flight

First on the Moon

Production year: 2005

Running time: 75 min


Director: Alexey Fedorchenko

Screenplay: Aleksandr Gonorovskiy, Ramil Yamaleyev

Producers: Aleksey Fedorchenko, Dmitri Vorobyov

PRODUCTION: Kinokompaniya Strana

Cast: Aleksey Anisimov, Viktoriya Ilyinskaya, Viktor Kotov, Andrey Osipov, Anatoliy Otradnov, Igor Sannikov, Aleksei Slavnin, Boris Vlasov

The first Russian mockumentary is about a 1930s Soviet landing on the Moon. The film is not related to the actual Soviet Moonsoot program.

A group of journalists are investigating a highly secret document when they uncover a sensational story: that even before the Second World War, in 1938, the first rocket was made in the USSR and Soviet scientists were planning to send an orbiter to the moon and back. The evidence is convincing; it is clear that in this case, Soviet cosmonauts were first.

The cosmonaut space training was filmed in Chelyabinsk, at the Institute of Aviation, where there exists equipment from Star City which even Gagarin used for training. The actors worked without stunt doubles; they were really spinning in the centrifuge, despite the fact that this training is difficult even for professionals.


Venice Horizons Documentary Award 2005

February 2021

December 2020

Project "Week of Russian Ethnic Cinema"

Director: Olga Murzina, Alexey Artemiev

Russia, 2019, documentary

The plot is based on stories from the life of the composer Gottfried Hasanov. In the 1920s, he wrote down songs and melodies of the peoples of Dagestan. He wrote the first Dagestan opera “Khochbar”, became the first director of the Dagestan Song and Dance Ensemble. He opened of a music school in Makhachkala.

Director: Elena Demidova

Russia, 2018, documentary

This research documentary is about the life and work of one of the most famous lamas – XII Pandito Hambo Lama – Dasha Dorzho Etigelov. “His Precious Inexhaustible Body” is currently in the Ivolginsky Datsan. Buddhist monks regard him as a living person.

Director: Andrey Malashenko

Russia, 2018, documentary

The Magaev family lives in the village of Tebek. They sew and sell sheepskin hats. Viewers will learn about the difficult fate of this family, their everyday life and the happy birthday of their granddaughter.

Director: Mohy Kandour

Russia-Jordan, 2010, historical fiction

The arrival of Circassian (Adyghe) emigrants from southern Russia (via Ottoman Turkey) to what is later known as Jordan creates conflicts over water rights between local Bedouins and Circassian immigrants. The story is of forbidden love between a Bedouin girl and a young Circassian, which could lead to war and bloodshed. The plot of the film develops within the framework of the Adyghe Khabze tradition (the ethical and philosophical doctrine of the Circassians, a set of unwritten rules and laws), opening the unexplored pages of the culture of the ancient people.

Director: Ruslan Magomadov

Russia, fiction

Humanity can be saved, but does it want to be saved?
A man from Europe arrives in Chechnya. He must find something priceless on which his future depends. Will he be able to achieve his goal without losing something more important?

Director: Ekaterina Chernaya

Russia, 2019, animation

A girl follows her lover to war and even his death cannot separate them. The story of eternal love and fidelity. About the memory of relatives, friends, and loved ones.

Director: Artur Kencheshaov

Russia, 2019, documentary

Together with the participants of an international motor rally, which passed along the route Moscow – Berlin – Torgau, we will visit the monuments obelisks dedicated to Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Belarus, Poland and Germany. Historical places, fateful events, pride and grief, as well as the poems of the film director, written during this journey, make up the documentary project of Arthur Kencheshaov “Roads of Peace and War”2010.

October - november 2020

Main competition

Country: Russia

Director: Vadim Dubrovitsky

Cast: Anna Dubrovskaya, Fedor Lavrov, Vyacheslav Abashin, Veronika Povalyaeva, Elizaveta Zarubina, Yaroslava Bazaeva, Ilariya Grebennikova, Timur Visnyakin, Vasilisa Nestrueva

Alina is a five-year-old girl, whose mother has been stricken by a terrible illness. Alina’s father decides his little daughter should go to his sister in the countryside, to avoid exposing the girl to her mother’s illness. The sister, Irma, Alina’s aunt, has three children, two of them Alina’s age. Living in Aunt Irma’s house proves quite a challenge for Alina. A city child, she finds it hard to adapt to the freedoms and restrictions of countryside life. Even though she does eventually become accepted, her dreams of returning to her family home and seeing her mother get well never go away.

Country: Russia | Azerbaijan

Director: Ksenija Lagutina

Cast: Mariam Ibragimova, Abdukarim Nasirov, Dilya Ulasheva, Asema Karabaeva

Farida, a hard of hearing girl from an Azerbaijani village, arrives in St. Petersburg in search of Murad’s husband. At home, she has a little son. Farida gets two jobs at once – at a gas station and in a fast-food cafe and in parallel is looking for her missing husband. In a series of failures, layoffs and fruitless searches, she unexpectedly notices that she has tender feelings for her workmate at a fast-food cafe.

Country: Kazakhstan

Director: Sharipa Urazbaeva

Cast: Meruert Sabbusinova, Almas Bektibaev, Khamza Koksebek

The film is based on real events, the actress plays herself. The film tells the story of Mariam, the mother of four children. After her husband mysteriously disappears, she has to deal with life’s hardships on her own, forcing her to make life changing decisions and understand herself better.

Documentary Film Competition

Country: Russia

Director: Alexandra Pustynnova

Why do grown men and women love cartoons about ponies? Why do they learn to fight the Jedi and Siths with lightsabers? Why do they make animal costumes and then transform into animals? Why do they replace the real world with a fictional one? This film will tell you about the Russian geek community which reflects – in a clear yet sometimes exaggerated way – new interests, social developments and issues our society faces.

Short Film Competition - Prospectives

Country: Russia

Director: Vladimir Parkhomenko

The film is built on visual images and reflections on age. The main character is a boy in a baby stroller. As he rolls down a hill, the boy begins to grow, and the stroller changes with him, turning into an age-appropriate vehicle. A bicycle appears underneath him when he is presented as a 5-7-year-old, a motorcycle – as 12-17-year-old and so on. The lower down the hill the character finds himself, the faster he ages, the faster his life accelerates, the more serious the obstacles that confront him. Ultimately, the boy, having gone all the way through life, finds himself at an old age above the cliff between life and death. This is a visual metaphor for the different phases of growing up, for the transformation from a boy to a man, and from a man to an old man.

Country: Russia

Director: Veronika Peat

“Tandem” is a film about love and the interconnections between the filmmaker and her ‘non-heroic’ characters. During lockdown an English poet invents a poetry machine, Humbaba that is capable of infusing algorithm poetry with human feelings. His retelling of the stories from the Epic of Gilgamesh echoes the stories of the filmmaker’s mother about a shaman and Putin. As the filmmaker’s son is growing up, he shares his feelings about his first love over the phone and reflects on telepathy.

Country: Russia

Director: Akim Salbiev

Goa is a state in India where composer Anatoly Zubkov lives and feels inspired to create. He holds Russia in his heart. His freedom is the inspiration he feels in Goa.

Country: Russia

Director: Valentin Tyuterev

A sparrow’s odyssey around the underground world.

Country: Russia

Director: Olessya Aleynikova

A talented asocial young violinist is dreaming of simply playing his violin but his domineering parents and his teacher who dreams of fame force him to enter an important competition. Will he acquiesce to his parents or stay true to himself and his dreams no matter what?

Music festival.
History 2020

Maxim Vengerov's address to the participants and guests of the IRIDA Music Festival
Evening with Lyubov Balagova and Musical and Poetic Concert "Courage to Live"
Meeting with People's Artist of Russia Larisa Luzhina
Film screening with musical accompaniment. Film "Circassian"
Film screening accompanied by a symphony orchestra

Video composition for the Chamber Symphony by D. Shostakovich “In memory of the victims of fascism and war” op.110a. Accompanied by the Sochi Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Oleg Soldatov.

Music in cinema: principles of interaction between composer, director and producer

The master class is devoted to the principles of interaction between a director, composer and producer and reveals the features of the creative and legal aspects of cooperation in this area, as well as the specifics of the composer’s work in cinema, including the specifics of writing music for the frame.


Conductor and soloist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Vorona (violin), People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Utkin (cello), guest soloist of the Bolshoi Academic Theater and the Rome Opera Sergei Radchenko (tenor). The concert featured works by D. Shostakovich, A. Raskatov, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Piazzolla, E. Capua, L. Denz.


Conductor and soloist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valery Vorona (violin), People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Utkin (cello), guest soloist of the Bolshoi Academic Theater and the Rome Opera Sergei Radchenko (tenor). The concert featured works by D. Shostakovich, A. Raskatov, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Piazzolla, E. Capua, L. Denz.

Cry Jerusalem
Sateney Quartet
Terek Sonata